OVERSEAS Turbo Repair cooperates only with reliable, first class factories in Europe, Korea, Singapore and China manufacturing turbocharger spare parts and units that meet the international applicable standards and certifications.

OEM spare parts of high quality and aftermarket turbocharger units are offered 50% below compared to the prices of the corresponding factories-manufacturers.

Our integrated freight forwarding service system has the availability to execute shipments 24/7 in order to minimize delivery time.

All spare parts are provided with a 12 month warranty and ship repair liability up to 500.000,00 USD.

We are able to supply:



Models served


  • VTR series…0/1/4
  • TPS series…-D/-E/-F
  • TPL series …-A/-B/-C


  • RH series
  • AT series
  • RU series



  • TCA series
  • TCR series
  • TCX series
  • TCP- PTG series
  • NR series
  • NA series



  • MET S, SA, SB, SC, SD,SE series
  • MET MA, MB series
  • MET SRC series
  • MET SRII series


  • 7 series
  • 5 series