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High quality turbocharger spare parts for all Brands, Types and Specifications.
Warranty - All spare parts and services are provided with a 12 month warranty and ship repair liability up to 500.000,00 USD.
Tax Free - Our location gives us the competitive advantage to offer Tax-Free spare parts.
Global Services - Service engineers are available to travel at one call immediately to the vessel with the minimum transportation cost.
Service Stations Network - We offer full range services 24/7 with all our Partnerships Service Stations around the globe.

Spare Parts

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About us

OVERSEAS Turbo Repair Ltd. is an independent, newly established company located in the United Kingdom which was founded by Europeans and Americans marine turbocharger expert engineers. The scope of this company is to provide innovative services and highest level of expertise.

We are well aware that especially in shipping, time is precious and any delay will cause economic costs to the shipping company. In this sense we developed a global supply network of spare parts and service engineers.

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We provide spare parts and services for all brands and all types